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Gavrilova Margarita Alekseevna, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, sub-department of algebra and mathematics and informatics teaching technique, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),
Gusarova Marina Nikolaevna, Postgraduate student, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. The main task of the modern education is to create such conditions of training under which not only the trained will realize their capabilities, be prepared for life in the high-tech competitive world, but also the teachers will be demanded and successful. In this regard the design of the information and educational environment for a college teacher as a development tool of his/her professional competence and providing implementation of the individual information activities aimed at his/her professional and personal development becomes an actual task. The purpose of the work is to prove and analyze an algorithm of pedagogical design of the information and educational environment of college teachers.
Materials and methods. For realization of research tasks the following methods of research were used: the analysis and generalization of pedagogical, methodical literature on the work problem; the analysis of educational standards, training programs, manuals and methodical materials; the synthesis of pedagogical experience.
Results. The author considered the application of the personal focused approach at designing of the information and educational environment of a college teacher, as well as the stages of the design. The main objectives of the information and educational environment of a college teacher were allocated. One of possible methods of creation of its model was given. The researcher considered a system of principles characterizing regularities of its formation and development.
Conclusions. The information and educational environment of college teachers makes active traditional forms of students’ and teachers’ activity and stimulates development of the new ones. The information and education environment of college teachers changes the content of education, and therefore the problems of its model design demand investigation.

Key words

information educational environment of the teacher, modeling of the educational environment, model of the information educational environment, design stages of the educational environment of the teacher, principles of the information and educational environment of the teacher.

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